Movado Bold Watches

Contract Description:

  • Theme Music composition / license for the “Movado Bold” watches campaign.

Movado is known for their cutting edge watch and timepiece design. When the opportunity arose to compose for the launch of their new watch called the “Bold”, I decided to try my hand at creating something that compliments their futuristic / minimalist design. As a way of creating a fun contrast and a strong earworm for passerby listeners, I decided to make a song called “Superfuturisticmusicmakingpeoplehappy”. The phrase can be heard right at the end of the commercial, with a really simple to remember melody accompanying it. This works perfect for TV campaigns as the listener might not be really engaged with the content during commercial time. The chances of being memorable really climb when something closes with a fun phrase and simple melody. The concept of superfuture and Movado’s new watch worked perfectly and the campaign ran across Television networks in North America for years.