Fifa 17 – Official Reveal Trailer The Journey

Contract Description:

  • Music Composition for Official Reveal Trailer 


The Fifa 17 Reveal Trailer was a very big announcement for EA Sports. This is the first time the Fifa video game franchise featured a Story Mode. The goal of this video was to create suspense around the main character Alex Hunter, while guiding the emotional state of the viewer in a subconscious way. The music here has to appeal to a very broad audience due to the popularity of the title. 

I had a very specific approach to the score here. To me, the most clear angle is to combine two very well known genres of music, one old and one new. Normally trailers like this get approached either from a rock and roll angle or something relatively “world” centred or obscure. The idea in my opinion is to be bold without looking like you’re trying too hard to be different. Fusing classic orchestral strings to drive up suspense and balancing that out with 90’s hiphop drums really paved the way for the trailer to be immersive and fresh.