Rival Games: Bubble Rival Series

Contract Description:

  • Music Composition and Audio Engineering for the entire Bubble Rival franchise. 
  • Theme music composition
  • Commercial Campaign music

Bubble Rival is a fast paced bubble shooter game which has topped the iTunes charts in several countries. My job was to do all of the audio treatment on the game. First task was to come up with a hard to forget theme jingle. I did so by doing something anyone can repeat. THE MOUTH TRUMPET! Yes, I went for the mouth trumpet and the client loved it. After all, this game is intended for children and people just looking to have a little bit of fun with a video game. After this, I re-skinned the theme into various genres and speeds depending on the setting of the game. There were many titles and over 90 iterations of this theme music throughout the titles. Super fun to work on. The key here was creating a theme that can lend itself to various iterations naturally, so the main theme can’t be too far in any emotional direction. Staying neutral but memorable was the goal.