EA Sports SSX Deadly Descents / REDBULL and Travis Rice

Contract Description:

  • Music Composition License of one of my songs used by Redbull / Travis Rice in promotional campaign.

The SSX Series is one of EA Sports’ most prized titles. This snowboarding game has a very loyal following and is known world-wide for it’s soundtracks. I was tasked with creating the theme music for the title, along with a whole arrangement of various musical stings and songs. Some of the songs on the game were used as composed pieces that fit between menus and allow the player to get fully immersed in the suspense between courses, and other pieces were licensed out as individual songs which were then added to the In-Game audio player. My objective on this title was to come up with a balance between several dominating genres on the title. The game itself was filled with licensed tracks from a variety of artists so this was no easy task and took lots of careful calibration in song styles and distribution in-game. The title went on to win several awards and was widely acclaimed for it’s new soundtrack. Below you can hear one of the many songs I composed for the gameplay portion of the game. This video is a promotional trailer by Redbull and superstar snowboarder Travis Rice.