A bit about me

I have been professionally involved in the music production industry for 17 years. During this time I have had the pleasure of experiencing my idols turn into my peers and friends, my music played all over airwaves in various corners of the world, and have managed to garner relationships with both individual artists and business owners looking to take their music and audio needs to the next level. I started doing music out of sheer passion for creativity and self expression and I make sure to always keep that in mind when working on projects.

What I can do for you

I provide unique audio solutions for multimedia projects ranging from video games, commercials, movies, promotional materials and custom song composition for artists.

What has made me excel in the world of music creation and engineering, is my ability to take a very honest, creative and calculated approach with every job. What I can do for my clients varies from person to person due to the nature of audio. Every piece created has to be unique and communicate an emotion clearly and elegantly. I make sure to create something unique, relevant and exciting for anyone I work with, in an efficient manner. My experience in the industry allows me to quickly assert what to focus on.


  •  Audio Consulting: Don’t really know exactly what your project needs in terms of genre of music and approach? I specialize in helping clients find an audio solution that is the best one for their needs, through pulling together all my years of experience in creating audio for a very broad range of commercial outlets and specialized projects. I have been a music writer for various publications and have ran a school of production for years. This gives me a leg up on the industry by being really closely connected with music consumers the world over
  •  Audio Composition in various genres of music such as, Orchestral Cinematic, HipHop in different genres and eras, Trap, Electronic, Dance, Dubstep, Pop, Folk, Roots, Dancehall, Electronic Experimental, Indy, Alternative.
  •  Audio Mixdown and Engineering: I have been engineering audio since the beginning of my career and have experience in mixing music for various commercial outlets. Many music producers don’t bother with engineering for various reasons, I have always felt it important to be versed in all aspects of creating audio. This helped me stay versatile, independent and effective in my field. 
  • Vocal engineering and treatment. (That’s right, I can hook you up to the ol’ Backstreet Boys and Brittney machine to make you sound like a you think you really sound)